Alexander P Goldberg, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor


As a junior at Long Beach State University, Alex began his professional career with an internship at the Boeing Corporation. During his tenure as an intern - and soon after as a full time employee - Alex bore witness to the market crash of 2008 and the impact it had on his co-workers. Many of the mentors that guided him had their hopes of retirement dashed. Soon, he would see countdowns to retirement sitting on their desks and noticed that the joys of their work had vanished. It was during this time that Alex realized the impact he could have in the financial planning industry. Driven by the desire to help those mentors and peers re-establish their dreams and remove the stress and uncertainty associated with a fluctuating market, Alex launched his financial planning practice.

“Witnessing the effects of the recession firsthand, I noticed that many of my mentors and peers did not have access to great advice and counsel when developing their financial plan. It is a blessing to remove stress and uncertainty from our clients’ lives and help them achieve true financial freedom. When we partner with our clients, it brings our team a lot of joy to see them achieve their goals, their vision and their legacy.”

Today, Alex and his team are uniquely positioned to serve their own generation, but also the generation that has come before them. As their clients approach and enter retirement, they appreciate the opportunity to reassure them that they will be there every step of the way.


While we serve clients from all walks of life, we find we can add the most value with the following clients:

Business Owners

Running your business, protecting your legacy, rewarding your key team members, and providing for your family financially and emotionally - how are you supposed to do it all? Just as in your day-to-day operations professionally, it takes a well-educated, dedicated and proactive team to get it all done. Let us help make sure that the sweat, dollars and hours you’ve put into growing your business are able to accomplish what you’ve always dreamed of.

Professionals Approaching Retirement

As many of our clients approach retirement, they have a consistent concern that what got them here won’t get them there. Worrying about the health and retirement status of your own advisor, where your “paycheck” while in retirement will come from, and how to leave the legacy that you’ve envisioned should be your advisors’ job, not yours. Experience the freedom of creating a financial plan that gives you confidence that you will be able to enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.


In an ever-changing healthcare environment, it has never been more important that our clients in the medical field understand their student loans, repayment options, benefits, contracts, retirement plans and most importantly: how to strategically bring all these pieces of your financial plan together.


Balancing your busy work schedule with your personal life leaves little time to make sure that your financial planning is coordinated with your goals and aspirations. While many of our clients in the legal field have most of the knowledge to make informed decisions in their planning, they still lack the time it takes to execute at a high-level and update their planning as their lives or the market evolves. Let us partner with you to drive results in your planning.

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Awards and Recognition


National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors Quality Award 2013-2015

Award recognizing commitment to excellence in service to clients and industry


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